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The Power of Affirmation

I did not realize how exhausted I had become after working with my children in the Lake of the Ozarks.  I was teaching them how to water ski and had spent a considerable amount of time in the water helping them get their skis on, watching as they tried to get up when the boat…

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A Good Reputation

I was nineteen and sitting at the kitchen table early in the morning, dutifully listening to my grandfather read the daily devotional before we went to work in the fields.  I deeply respected him.  He was a strong Christian, a deacon in the church, and a recognized leader in the community.  Each summer I looked…

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The Point of No Return

“Come on. It’s only thirty-five feet high. After all, you’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building and you’ve looked over the fruited plains from the top of Pike’s Peak.  You’ve walked on the bridge spanning Royal Gorge and have experienced the thrill of climbing out on the rocks which rest on the…

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A Compelling Principle

One major difference between Christian home education and other forms of education is the worldview of those choosing the curriculum and providing the instruction.  Everyone operates from one of two worldviews, whether or not he realizes it; and everything he thinks, says, and does is influenced by what he really believes.   The first worldview…

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When Being a Man Is Not Enough

“Wipe up those tears.” “You can do it.”  “Don’t be a wimp.” “You’re afraid of your own shadow.”  “Stop being a baby.”  “Real men don’t cry.”  “If at first you don’t succeed, another try is what you need.”  “No pain, no gain.”  “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”  “The one who wants it hard enough…

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“If the Iron Be Blunt …”

…and he do not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom is profitable to direct.”  Reading this verse in Ecclesiastes 10:10 recently prompted a recall from my memory banks of several instances in the past which God used to emphasize this important lesson to me. Our Boy Scout troop joined…

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Twelve Hearts of a Faithful Man

A clean heart vs. a wicked heart Purpose: Salvation – John 13:10 God’s work – Psalm 51:10 Daily cleansing by God’s Word – John 15:3 Husbands: cleanse wives by Word – Ephesians 5:26   A pure heart vs. a double-minded heart Purpose: to be in God’s holy presence – Psalm 24:3-4 Purify your hearts –…

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The Unexpected Quality of a Leader

As we think about leadership, what often comes to mind is being “in-charge;” being “followed,” “noticed,” and “looked up to” by others; having “authority;” or being “in-control.” However, there’s a different quality required for us if we’re going to be a true leader. Jesus speaks about this unexpected quality in Matthew 23:11-12, “But he that is…

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Among True Champions

The sight was stunningly magnificent!  We were spending a day sightseeing after attending the first Global Home Education Conference (GHEC) in Berlin, Germany.  Large rooms in the Pergamon Museum displayed various archaeological finds which had been moved there from various places in the Middle East.  They included temples of false gods and their worship artifacts,…

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