The Impossible is Possible!

The Impossible is Possible!
Matthew 27:62-66; 28:1-15; John 19:30-42; 20:1-18
April 12, 2020

It is impossible for the ____________________ to be the creator.  It is impossible to _____________________ something that is perfect.  It is impossible for God to _______.  It is impossible for death to overcome life.  It is impossible for someone who is dead to come back to life in his _____________ power unless he is life itself.  It is impossible for a person to get to heaven on his own ________________________.

A.  The Enemies’ ______________ Continues.

     1.  The _____________________ attempts to prove God is untrue

     2.  The _______________________ of fighting against God

B.  The Risen Savior ________________

     1.  The _________________________ of the angel of the Lord

     2.  The angst of the ________________________

     3.  The rolling away of the ____________________ from the door
          a.  The _____________________ word, “galal”
          b.  The Aramaic word, “_________________________”
          c.  The ________________________ of what it pictures

C.  The Unbelieving Disciples ___________________

     1.  Mary’s ______________________ and disappointment
          a.  Her ________________________
          b.  Her _______________ (John 20:15) was a wrong conclusion
          c.  Her ____________________ and boldness 
          d.  Her _______________________

     2.  John’s and Peter’s ________________________
          a.  “Blepo” – a cursory __________________
          b.  “Theoreo” – to be a spectator; to view __________________
          c.  “Harao” – see with the mind; ________________; experience
          d.  “Pisteuo” – be persuaded of; to place ________ confidence in