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Is the Bible an Immoral Book?

Is the Bible an Immoral Book?
Psalm 19:7-14 February 9, 2020

If I believe the Bible is literally _________, does that mean I condone unethical __________________? Scoffers who attack and ridicule the Scripture claim that it is full of _____________ blemishes. They claim to be shocked at the immoralities found in the Bible, but they _______ to realize there is a difference between _____________________ a sin and ______________________ that sin. They also fail to realize the ______________________ of our perfect and righteous God.
A. The God of ______________ and Judgment
Are there __________________ qualities of love and judgment?
_________________ judgment vs__________________
judgment (Rom. 3:5, 19; and 2 Thess. 1:5-10)
Human sentimentality is not the _____________________ of
divine truth.
Jesus’ ____________________ a. Matthew 23
b. Revelation
Hardening of Pharoah’s _________________
Exodus 5:1-4
The ruler would not _____________, but hardened his heart
against God.
B. The Imprecatory __________ (such as 58, 59, 69, 79, 109, and 137)
Are these psalms of ___________________?
What is meant by the “_____________ spirit” from the Lord? a. Saul had deliberately turned his back on God.
b. It was a spirit of discontentment, unrest, and depression.
Like pain in our bodies, judgment warns us that something is wrong.
C. Moral __________________ in Bible Characters
1. The Bible presents its “heroes” exactly like they were. a. Noah’s ___________________
b. Abraham’s _____________________
c. Lot’s disgraceful ____________________
d. Jacob __________________ his brother
e. Moses’ __________________ of anger
f. David’s ___________________
g. Peter’s ___________________ and swearing
h. Paul’s and Barnabas’ __________________ about Mark
2. The Bible condemns _________ wherever it is found.
3. God looks upon sin as a ____________ and _______________ of His law and person.
4. The Scripture strips man of every ___________________ and emphasizes his responsibility and ______________________ to a holy God.