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From Prisoner to Potentate

From Prisoner to Potentate
Genesis 41:1-57
April 26, 2020

Although Joseph had a vague ____________ about God’s calling in his life, he had no idea of what that meant.  He wanted _______________ from his unjust treatment, _____________________ of his good name, and ________________ to his homeland.   What would have happened to Joseph if Pharaoh’s chief cupbearer would have ________________ him as soon as he was restored to his position after his dream was fulfilled?  Notice God’s _______________, not His supposed _______ of expanded blessing upon Joseph.

A.  Pharaoh’s ____________________ (41:1-36)

     1.  The ______________________ – two dreams
          a.  The first – seven __________ cows devouring seven fat cows
          b.  The second – seven thin heads of ______________ devouring 
               seven healthy ones

     2.  The ______________________
          a.  No one is able to ___________________ Pharaoh’s dreams.
  (1).  Soothsayer-_________________
  (2).  ______________ men
          b.  The cup-bearer _____________________ remembers Joseph.
     3.  The ____________________
          a.  Joseph is brought out of prison and made _______________.
          b.  The mysterious ____________________ are repeated.

     4.  The _____________________________
          a.  The foretelling of the next __________ years
          b.  Seven years of ___________________ productivity followed 
  by seven years of ____________________ and want

     5.  The ____________________________ 
          a.  Appoint someone to _____________ up food supplies during 
  the good years in order to prepare for the following bad ones.
          b.  The goal is to ______________________ the nation.

B.  Pharaoh’s ____________________  (41:37-57)

     1.  Joseph’s _______________________ 
          a.  He was ______________________ as having supernatural 
          b.  He was given a new name: “________________ of secrets”
          b.  He was placed in charge of the ____________ government.

     2.  Joseph’s ____________________
          a.  He _____________________ oversees the massive amount 
        of grain storage in regional cities.
   b.  He was responsible for _________________ the food to the 

     3.  God’s _______________________ 
          a.  He _______________ him a prince’s daughter for his wife.
          b.  He gave him two sons
  (1).  Manasseh – “one who causes to _________________”
  (2).  Ephraim – “_________________________”

Notice a key _______________ in verse 52b:  “God has caused me 
     to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.”  
1.  _____________________ responding to affliction at the moment 
     produces fruitfulness in the _____________________.
2.  The ungodly person views _____________________ as alarming 
     and will flee from it, whereas the godly person sees affliction as a 
     _______________________ step in eventual blessing.  
     Romans 5:3; John 15:2
3.  “God has ___________________”
     a.  He gives abounding ___________________.  2 Cor. 9:8
     b.  His Holy Spirit indwells and ________________ the believer. 
          John 15:4