From Favored to Forgotten

From Favored to Forgotten
Genesis 39:19-23; 40:1-23
April 19, 2020

There are times when God gives us a clear sense of His ____________ and calling for our lives.  The ______________________ comes when we try to fulfill that calling with our own energy and ______________ rather than _____________________ God in our day-to-day activities.  God uses tension, disappointments, personal ____________________, and the failures of _______________ to teach us _________________ lessons which prepare us for His calling to be fulfilled.  He wants our _____________________ to be fully placed on Him, and on ________ one, or _______________________, else.

A.  Joseph and the Prison Warden

     1.  He gained ___________________ with the keeper of the prison.
          a.  God had ____________________ on him.  
          b.  Joseph’s _________________________ went with him.  

     2.  He was placed in charge of the ____________________ prison. 
          a.  The warden observed his work _____________ and saw God 
  blessing his labor.
          b.  The warden ______________________ him.

B.  Joseph and the Prisoners

     1.  The ________________________ (vv. 1-4)  
          a.  Pharoah’s chief ________ – ___________________ 
          b.  Pharoah’s chief ___________________ 
          c.  Joseph is assigned to ______________________ them.

     2.  The ________________________ (vv. 5-8)
          a.  Both prisoners had ____________________ dreams on the 
  same night.
          b.  Both prisoners were troubled and ___________.

     3.  The clarification (vv. 9-19)
          a.  Joseph gives _______________ to God and interprets both 

          b.  The cup-bearer would be released and ________________ 
  in three days.
          c.  The baker would be executed and ____________________ 
    in three days.

     4.  The conclusion (vv. 20-23)
          a.  Both prophecies came ______________ in three days.
  (1).  The cup-bearer was restored to his position of 
  (2).  The baker was ____________________.
          b.  The cup-bearer promptly _____________________ Joseph.