When Your World Gets Turned Upside Down

When Your World Gets Turned Upside Down 
Genesis 37:1-36; James 1:2-8, 12
March 29, 2020

What do you do when your world gets turned upside down?  Have you been ___________________________ and perhaps have had someone _______ about you?  Did the question, “What did I do to ___________ this?” ever run across your mind?  Joseph provides a fascinating study for us during this _________________ time.  As we examine his story, notice how God’s ___________________ is offered, and what happens when it is either received or ____________________.  

A.  Joseph – ___________________ by His Father

     1.  As a _______________________ in the land

     2.  Faithful to the task ________________________ to him

     3.  Reported an _____________ report about the four sons of Bilhah 
          and Zilpah
          a.  He did not go _________________ with evil.
          b.  He reported it to his _______________________.  

     4.  _______________________ by his father over his brothers

B.  Joseph – ______________________ by his brothers

     1.  The ____________________ for their hatred  (vv. 2-11) 
          a.  The _____________________ he enjoyed from his father 
          b.  The _____________________ he experiences
  (1).  Symbolically – showing brothers __________________ 
          to him  
 (2).  He should have ________________ them to himself
      2.  The ____________________ of their hatred  (vv. 12-35)
          a.  The trip to Dothan to _________________ on the brothers
          b.  The _______________________ of the brothers 
               (1).  To _____________ him and then ____________ about it
  (2).  Reuben convinces them to put him ___________ in a pit.
          c.  The transaction to _____________ him as a slave 

          d.  The trickery and __________________ of the brothers
  (1).  They led their father to believe Joseph was _________ 
          and eaten by a wild animal.  
  (2).  Each of the brothers was an _____________________ 
          to the crime, and will ____________________ be held 

C.  Joseph – ____________________ to Learn

     1.  Every ________________ is designed by God to bring a fresh 
          supply of grace and _____________________.

     2.  When your world gets turned upside down, __________ to the 
          Lord Jesus Christ.
          a.  ___________________ yourself before Him.
          b.  Be _____________ and still as you ______________ to His 
          c.  ______________________ your heart and motives.
          d.  ___________________ of the sin God points out.
          e.  Serve Christ faithfully where you ___________, so you can 
  more quickly ____________________ the blessings He has 
  for you!