The Wonder of the World – The Bible!

The Wonder of the World – The Bible!
2 Timothy 3:14-17; 2 Peter 1:12-21

February 2, 2020

One of the reasons we know the Bible is ___________________ true is because of the ________________________ working of God to brings it to pass. It is fascinating to study its ____________________ and be overwhelmed with its mysterious formation. There never was any order given to any man to ________________ the Bible.
A. The _______________________ Compilation of the Scripture
__________________ it was written
a. Two __________________
b. Countries hundreds of ________________ apart
c. Deserts, __________, caves, islands, palaces, _____________
The __________________________ used a. ____________________
b. Aramaic
c. ____________________
The men who penned the words over _______ centuries
a. _____________ men
b. Various cultural levels, ______________, and circumstances c. In such a case, we would expect discord and _____________,
but the opposite is true.
B. The Organic ________________ of the Word of God
The Bible is not _____________ books, but _________ Book.
It contains
a. One system of _________________ b. One system of _________________ c. One plan of ___________________ d. One rule of ___________________
The phenomenon of the oneness of the Bible is one of the great ______________________ of the human race.
4. There is one ________________-controlling mind behind the various writings of the Bible.
5. The Bible is not the unity of a lifeless thing like a _________, but the unity of a living thing like a _____________.
C. The Great _________________ That Run Through the Bible
1. The divine plan of ____________________
2. The _________________ of Christ
a. He is preeminent and ____________________ b. The Just and the ______________________
c. Redeemer and ___________________.