Errors and Contradictions?
Psalm 19:7-14; John 8:42-58
February 16, 2020

God is God, and satan is a ___________ and the arch deceiver. Jesus is God, and satan is ________________ as a liar. Many modern critics claim that the Bible is error ridden, but that claim is a _____________ impression at best. The skeptic is always trying to find an __________ for his rejection of God’s Word.
So-called errors and contradictions in the Bible are ____________. 1. Errors are ____________________ with an infallible Bible.
2. They are like trying to find a _____ speck on a great piece of art.
Difficulties in the Bible are generally scientific, ______________, or ethical/moral in their nature.
Scientific difficulties are because of ______________________.
Historical challenges must be __________________ one by one.
Moral and _______________l difficulties must take into account the ________________________ of man’s heart.
We are not to be ________________ of any criticism of the Bible.
Difficulties in the Bible do not _______________________ their infallible nature.
When our finite mind tries to understand the ________________ mind of God, there will be difficulty.
We are not to apply ___________________ to the Scriptures which do not suit them.
The Bible was not written to give us a _____________ course in science, mathematics, or history.
Its purpose is to make us children of God through __________.
Difficulties that come from our _________________ or stupidity. 1. Where did ________________ get his wife?
2. _______________________ lists
3. Number of _____________ in Numbers 11:3
4. Objection to the language God used to ____________ an event 5. Emendations (corrections) in copies of the _____________.
6. 2 Kings 18:14
7. Acts 5:36
8. Number of ______________ taken into Noah’s ark (Gen. 7:2)
9. Superscription over the _____________ of Jesus (John 19:20)
10. Miracles
A Bible without miracles would be a Bible without ________!