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Starting Over

Starting Over
1 John 1:5 – 2:11
January 5, 2020

What will 2020 look like for you?  Many things will _____________ in our lives and the lives of our loved ones that will be outside of our __________________________, but so often we can get into a rut of simply letting life happen instead of choosing to push _____________ into a deeper relationship with God and a life of more effective service for Him.  That may involve being more _____________________ with your family, friends, and loved ones.  It may mean better ___________ choices or breaking some ______________________ and sinful habits.  What is God inviting you into that you have been avoiding?  Sometimes we get so busy and make our lives so complicated that we forget to look at the __________________ lessons God is teaching us.

A.  The Simple Lessons God is Teaching Us

     1.  Let go of the _____________________.  
          a.  Don’t get ______________________ that your life story isn’t 
               playing out like __________________ planned.  
          b.  Trust that God is still ___________________ your life story.
          c.  _________________________  
               (1).  Yourself 
               (2).  _____________________ who have wronged you

     2.  Don’t ______________________ about the future.  
          a.  We allow what we don’t know to ___________________ us.  
          b.  We think God might not have our __________________ turn 
               out the way we want it. 

     3.  ______________________ in the moment
          a.  Refuse to hold a _________________ or get worked up when 
               things don’t go your way.
          b.  Be ________________ with the blessings God has given you.
          c.  We can ___________________ from our past, but we cannot 
               _______________________ our past.
          d.  We can ___________________ for the future, but we cannot 
               __________________ the future.               
B.  The _______________________ of Our Power for a Fresh Start

     1.  Jesus Christ __________________________
          a.  In His ____________________ and person 
          b.  In His ____________________ 

     2.  The ______________________________ He gives
          a.  Confidence of __________________________  
          b.  Confidence of __________________________  

     3.  Its ____________________________  
          a.  _________________________ to the Word 
          b.  Complete _________________________
          c.  _______________________ humility
          d.  Steadfast _________________________
          e.  __________________________ suffering
          f.  Active ______________________
          g.  ________________________ victory

     4.  The commitments to ________________ ourselves and follow 
          Christ.  By the _____________________ of God, I will live:  
          a.  A ___________________________ life
          b.  A ___________________________ life
          c.  An ___________________________ life
          d.  A _________________________ life
          e.  A ____________________ life
          f.  A _______________________________ life
          g.  In ___________________________ love
          h.  In light of _____________________