God Communicating To Us

God Communicating To Us
Hebrews 4:12; 2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:19-21
January 26, 2020

God has communicated with mankind in ___________________ ways over the course of time.  Sometimes the word “__________________” is used to describe it, and sometimes the word “__________________” is used.  What is the difference between the two?

A.  Revelation – 
      Unveiling, ________________, Displaying, _________________,  

     1.  _____________________ (General)
          a.  The ______________________ of God is known.
          b.  God is the moral ________________.
     2.  _____________________ (Supernatural)
          a.  _____________________ Communication
               (1).  Direct, ______________________ speech 
               (2).  _________________________
  (3).  _________________________
  (4).  _________________________
  (5).  Theophanies
          b.  ____________________________
          c.  The Incarnate ________________ (Jesus Christ)
          d.  The ________________________ Word
  (1).  How you view the Bible will determine your _________ 
          and _______________________.
  (2).  It is __________________________ in everything about 
          which it speaks:  _________________History, Doctrine, 
          _______________________, Archaeology

B.  Inspiration – 
      The word is a _______________ term meaning “to breathe into”.  
      The ___________ word in 2 Timothy 3:16 is “Theopneustos”:  “to 

     1.  Understanding the word

          a.  It is not “God ________________ into”.  That gives the 
  idea that the Bible is an ____________________ thing that 
  God breathes into and ___________________ through.
          b.  It is not “God ___________________”.  That gives the idea 
  of a book that breathes _________ God to those who come 
  into contact with it.

          c.  Both of these usages demand an _____________ voice, but 
  the Greek word is in the passive voice, _______ the active.

     2.  The Bible is the _________________ of Divine outbreathing.
          a.  It is the _________________ of God’s breath.
          b.  It pertains to the Scripture itself and not necessarily to the 

     3.  The Scriptures teach ________________, plenary inspiration.
          a.  God superintending ___________________ authors so that 
  using their own personalities and ________________, they 
  composed and recorded God’s revelation to man in the 
  words of the _____________________ manuscripts.
          b.  God was involved in __________________ point.