The Aftermath of Christ’s Birth

The Aftermath of Christ’s Birth
Matthew 2:7-23
December 29, 2019

During this month of December, the story of Jesus’ birth was read _________________________, Christmas music and events were enjoyed, and the ____________ exchange is over.  So now what?  Gift ________________?  Try to pay the credit card bill?  Or realize the _________________ of the message on our lives?  The world’s view after the ____________________________ of Christ’s birth has not changed much over the centuries.

A.  The World’s _________________________

     1.  Political – ____________________
          a.  _______________________ with _________ intentions
          b.  Selfish and _____________________
          c.  No ________________________ or care for others who 
               don’t fit in.
          d.  ______________________ with no regard for the value 
               of ______________ or eternal destiny
     2.  _______________ – Priesthood, Pharisees, and Sadducees 
          a.  __________________ those who didn’t fit in with their 
          b.  _________________________ with impure motives
          c.  Had no true _________________________ with God
          d.  ______________________ and inconsistent even with 

B.  The Wondering _________________________

     1.  ________________________ – Luke 2:17-20
          a.  _____________________ the information they knew
          b.  Glorified and praised God for what they ____________

     2.  The ____________________________ public
          a.  Heard Jesus’ _______________________ teaching

          b.  Liked His __________________ and honest approach
          c.  Many only followed Him for what they could receive 

C.  The ___________________________ Believers

     1.  _________________ the Savior’s message of repentance
          a.  ____________________
          b.  ____________________

     2.  Demonstrated a ______________ change
          a.  _________________t their former way of living
          b.  Maintained an _____________________ focus