Pastor David Watkins

A Marriage that Impacts Eternity Sermon Notes (click Here for pdf download)


A Marriage that Impacts Eternity
Genesis 2:18; 3:8; John 17

February 25, 2018

Do you feel alone? Do you feel alone even if you are ________?

Do you wonder if there is something _________________ in life than what you are experiencing? God designed marriage to be an illustration of the power and effectiveness of  ______________.

The struggle between __________________ and dependence needs to be understood by every husband and wife; and how we balance those two crucial aspects of life affects the ___________ of our marriage.


A. Intimacy through ____________________ Relationship.

1. The all-_______________________ of God.

a. He has ________ needs.
b. He enjoys _______________________ Himself.

2. God’s ____________________ for man.

a. Remove ______________________
b. Provide for _________________  (quiet) ____________, detailed knowledge, _______________ personal, very _____________________, pertaining to or existing _________________ within the mind.
c. Be __________________ and multiply (spiritually and

B. _____________________________ Intimacy

1. We must ________________ to develop it God’s way with
___________ in the center.
2. It involves ________________ studying the Word of God.
3. It involves all aspects of ______________________.
4. It takes time, patience, and _________________________.
5. It takes genuine __________ and __________________.